Valuing Afforestation of damaged woods with Innovative Agroforestry

Vaia is the name given to the storm that affected north-eastern Italy (almost essentially the mountainous area of the Dolomites and Venetian Prealps) following a strong disturbance of Atlantic origin, and that brought very strong winds and persistent rains to the region, starting from 26 October until 30 October 2018.
This extreme weather event was mistakenly recognized as a "storm" (grade 10 on the Beaufort Scale), but the winds reached "hurricane" speeds (grade 12). The very strong winds, which reached speeds of up to 200 km/h for several hours, caused millions of trees to crash to the ground, resulting in the destruction of tens of thousands of hectares of alpine coniferous forests. An estimated 42 million trees were felled over an area of 41,000 hectares.
VAIA has been catalogued as a real natural disaster by the Crisis Unit of the Veneto Region.

- 8.5 million cubic meters of fallen trees
- 2.8 billion euros of estimated damages
- 42.500 hectares of forest area affected (fauna and flora)
- 494 municipalities involved, some of which at hydrogeological risk